New girl ! Petite and cute human dog

  • Brand: Studio Bling
  • Model K9_007
  • Video Size: 1920×1080
  • Data size: 666MB
  • Video Time: 40分12秒
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This is also the new sister Xiaokui. She is very petite and weak, and people can't bear to bully her

The first time I met Xiaokui, she was a little shy. She put on zentai quickly and put on her headgear. Quietly, I let her put on a K9 suit

The rented B & B found that there was a wardrobe under the stairs, which was well sealed, so I had an idea and moved Xiaokui, who was well equipped, into the wardrobe

After closing the door for a period of time, Xiaokui stayed there quietly before starting shooting

Playing with Xiaokui's body, it's very soft and waxy

Take her out of the wardrobe and she begins to walk like a puppy

Because Xiaokui's limbs are very slender, K9's posture is very beautiful

I wanted her to climb the second floor, but after some efforts, she still climbed the stairs, so I had to hold her up

It was easy to put down the little sunflower dog and start walking around. She obediently followed the chain and followed me

Next, it's time to start. Let Xiaokui keep her posture and start touching her body wantonly

Xiaokui is worthy of being a cute girl. Her voice is very nice

Then fix Xiaokui on the railing beside the window and replace her with an inflatable plug

The inflatable plug is very unfriendly to her small mouth, and she feels very uncomfortable when inflated

Then on the vibration link, the sound made by being blocked by the mouth is particularly good

Finally, put on a single glove for Xiaokui, lift her back hand, put on the mouth opener, and increase the opening angle

Xiaokui's saliva overflowed crazily, and I forcibly stimulated her in a rude way

Xiaokui's legs are weak, but she has been hanging her hands behind her, struggling in great pain

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